Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ugh!!! (or Finally!!!)

I love magazines, I really do.  Reading them, thinking about them, touching them, designing them, writing for them, I love it all.  But the one part of a magazine that kills me every time is designing the cover.  I've just spent the last two months in turmoil trying to fine tune this cover I created last Spring:
If you all remember, this was a re-design of Rolling Stone Magazine for my magazine design class.  Thinking this was my most promising project, I decided to tackle it first in revising things for my portfolio.  Little did I know that months later, I'd still be working on it.  Still.  I have a habit of posting things up here prematurely but if this isn't at least close to being complete, I can't honestly say what I might do.

The masthead changed quite a bit and I also added a headline since the whole even-numbered headline thing was bothering me.  The headlines themselves shrank a bit and I'm still not sure if I still want to shrink the Howard Stern headline a bit or not.  We will see...


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