Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Turns out, I really do work better under pressure!

Did it really just happen? Did I really just put off working on a final project until the very last day? Did I really just pull an infographic poster out of my conceptual thinking ass? I did.  And it doesn't suck. 

To be fair, I did do all the research weeks before hand for the research paper that this poster accompanies.  But I did have to write it all over again in a completely new way and design it.  And I thought about doing it for days and days.  Until the last day, when I couldn't think anymore--it had to get done!

Anyway, here it is--my last minute infographic poster on Saul Bass, master of film titles and the New York style:

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Successful use of Rabbit!

Last semester when I was doing my re-design of Bust magazine I discovered a great typeface named "rabbit".  Kind of retro, kind of cute, and very stylized, I was informed by my professor that rabbit is very hard to use.  I was able to successfully incorporate it into my design, however knowing that I'll probably get a handful of opportunities to use it, I'm always excited when I see it out in the world.  The last time I saw it was when I purchased veggie hot dogs in the grocery store:

An excellent use of rabbit, however, a poor use of soy. Lesson learned: good design does not equal good food.

Another place I've noticed rabbit being used is in the title credits of my favorite 90's sitcom, Dharma & Greg:

So cute, so 90's, can't wait to use it again!