Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Soaring Pirouette

Today, I made a collage to visually illustrate an inspirational horoscope I read in the City Paper a few weeks ago. Originally I was going to design it with the words as well but thought it communicated what I wanted on its own. In hindsight, I should have done it all just in Photoshop but I used InDesign to lay it all out and Photoshop to manipulate the images.

Virgo: A plain old ordinary leap of faith might not be ambitious enough for you in the coming months. I suspect your potential is more robust that that, more primed for audacity. How would you feel about attempting a quantum leap of faith? Here's what I mean by that: a soaring pirouette that sends you flying over the nagging obstacle and up onto higher ground, where the views are breathtakingly vast instead of gruntingly half-vast.

 The mountain/seascape is a picture I took when I went to San Francisco a few years back, and the Baltimore city skyline in the background is the view from Waverly captured with my iphone camera. The pirouetting ballerina was found here.

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